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Get Taught By a 15 Year Skateboard Pioneer Who Has Taught over 2,000 Kids How To Skate!

# Name: Dan MacFarlane

•# Gender: Male

•# Height: 5’10”
•# Weight: 170 lbs
•# Hometown: San Francisco
•# Birthday: December 9th
•# Occupation: Pro Skateboarder, Instructor
•# Began Skating: 1986 •# Started Competing: 1989 as an amateur vert and mini ramp skater. 1993 as a street skater, and 2002 as a street pro # Turned Pro: 2002
“Dan MacFarlane is a pro skateboarder, instructor, and entrepreneur who has been skateboarding for over 23 years. After climbing through the ranks of the skateboard industry and representing various major sponsors, winning contests, and turning pro for one of these companies, he eventually set off on his own to create Mentality Skateboards, and the bestselling instructional video “Skateboarding Explained”.

Dan still continues to skate 6 days a week and is on a mission to do as many original tricks and combos as he can for 2011.” Call 800-403-2405, for any questions.

Four Hours of Private One-on-One Skateboarding Instruction

(Valued at $65/Hour)
Includes an equipment evaluation. Instruction program includes proven techniques for a safer way to learn skateboarding.
Special BONUS #1 – FREE “How-To Skate” E-Book
(Valued at $30)
The ultimate “how-to” guide is the perfect compliment to your lessons. The E Book serves as a guide to refer to after the lessons and continue learning! This is one of the ONLY skate lesson books EVER developed.
Special BONUS #2 -FREE Two Months of Email Support
(Valued at $18)
The final key to any arising questions after the lessons. This provides the fuel for more learning!
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